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How to use flashing to prevent dry rot

This Gilbert AZ handyman uses video to show you how to use flashing to prevent dry rot.

How to repair and texture sheet rock

This Mesa AZ handyman uses video to show you how to repair a hole in your sheet rock and match the texture of your walls.

How to remove lime from your shower

This Chandler AZ handyman uses video to show you how to remove lime from your shower.

Handyman Services – Window Repairs

Window repair happens in many different forms from simple glass replacement in Chandler to complete window replacement in Chandler. Another common window repair is water damaged drywall and cracked stucco repairs around the window areas. I can make you windows more energy efficient in less than just one day of my Chandler handyman services. In […]

Handyman Services – Seasonal

Every season of the year brings needed home maintenance and repair that the Ahwatukee Handyman can take care of for you. Summer window sun screens should replaced with winter screens; Exterior plumbing should be winterized even though we don’t experience harsh winters; The exterior of the house should be power washed to remove insects and […]

Handyman Services – Plumbing Repairs

Home plumbing repairs by the Gilbert AZ Handyman.  If you are reading this, you probably are experiencing a plumbing problem and are looking for the most efficient and affordable solution. The good news is that you don’t have to pay one of those plumbing companies to send their expensive employees in one of their big, […]

Handyman Services – Home Painting

This Tempe handyman loves small house paint jobs.  One of the secrets of living in a beautiful home is to paint something at least every three months.  Paint one wall, one door or an entire room.  Something about fresh paint makes the family feel better. The unspoken positive influence on your children is incredible.  Nothing […]

Handyman Services – Home Maintenance

This Mesa handyman believes that preventive home maintenance saves the homeowner hundreds of dollars per year in energy and repair savings.  We all know how important it is to maintain our autos.  Maintaining your home is every bit as important! It’s a fact that every part of the water system in your home will wear […]

Handyman Services – Installation

This Ahwatukee AZ handyman is a master installer.  A lot of my services involves installing items the homeowner has already purchased and now just needs someone to install it. Have this Ahwatukee AZ handyman install an Attic Ladder and immediately increase the amount of storage space. Installing an extra Towel Bar in each bathroom is […]